Cornerstone Baptist Church Adult Ministries

Young families today need encouragement and Bible counsel to have the type of family life God intended them to have. This class teaches the husbands and wives to be good parents and how to love one another according to the Word of God. It also provides activities for couples and the entire family. They meet Sundays at 9:00AM in the Fellowship Hall.

This class will enrich your understanding of the Bible, your Christian faith, and will equip you with the tools necessary to determine your place in the body of Christ. Secondly, it will ground you by going through the 20 week long course in the doctrines of the Word of God. Finally, this class will challenge and grow your faith by taking the principles learned and applying them to your daily life.

This class is for adults or those in their senior years. A great Bible lesson every week, teaching truths from God's Word. Also fun activities are planned throughout the year for fellowship and encouragement. Taught by Pastor John Roy, The Ambassadors meet in the main auditorium at 9:00AM every Sunday.

The members of this class participate in a weekly discussion based upon biblical study books designed to meet the unique needs of adult Christian women. They gain a broad, comprehensive knowledge of Biblical principles, but more importantly, they learn how to apply this knowledge to their own lives, homes, and careers. As each individual grows in her walk with the Lord, she helps to support her classmates with their day-to-day challenges in living the Christ-centered life.

We are a weekly support group that focuses on Godís answers to the addictions that we have become entangled with. H.O.P.E. is not a self help group. It is a God help group for those who are tired of trying every new philosophy that comes along and are seriously ready to overcome their addictions. Click here for more information about the HOPE program.



4041 E Phelps Road Phoenix, AZ 85032 | (602)867-2700

Weekly Schedule:
WEDNESDAYS 7pm | FRIDAYS H.O.P.E Recovery Program 6:30pm